the #CapeTownShower

"It's not about the shower, it's about saving water"


We all want to save water. The Cape Town Shower helps us do just this, by reducing the amount of water needed to shower, to just one liter! This is a massive improvement on the currently estimated 10 liters (or more) for a stop-start shower. Widespread adoption could mean a total saving of 18 million liters, perhaps more, every day, for Cape Town. That's significant!

We are calling on the people of Cape Town - individuals, schools, communities - to run with this initiative!

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how to make it

Until such time as it is manufactured, it is actually a very simple DIY solution that most people can easily master. You can make your own by following these instructions.

how to use it

Trouble viewing? Watch it on Vimeo

Fill your bottle with water, step into your shower cubicle, and hold it above your head, for wetting your body and for rinsing. For best results, shower slowly. Experiment!

1 liter only. Whatever bottle you use, aim to use just one liter of water.

What, cold showers?! Cold showers are refreshing! And since the water comes out slowly, it is not actually that cold! You could also use water that is body-temperature (pour the water into a jug first and feel the temperature with your hand).

Smile :) It's not about the shower, it's about saving water!


Schools can play an important part in this too, in getting this out into communities. Click here to see how your school can help.

about this initiative

The Cape Town Shower non-profit initiative is intended as a city-wide campaign. Key to its success is rapid adoption: the sooner we put this into action, the greater the total water savings over time.

We are asking schools and communities to share the vision and run with this initiative! In doing so, not only will we be saving water more effectively, but this early adoption will help turn this speedily into a much bigger campaign.

Please watch this space as this site is being updated frequently.

We appreciate your support in this.
The Cape Town Shower team.