how to build your own #CapeTownShower

"It's not about the shower, it's about saving water"

You will need

note for schools and community groups

It's recommended that you arrange for just a few of you to “mass produce” these for everyone else, since it takes a little practice to make the perfect shower. Once you've got the hang of it, it's easy!

Step 1

Poke 10 holes in a circle around the center of the lid, vertically:

Step 2

Poke 20 holes, in an outer circle, angled slightly:

Step 3

Test it out. (Reuse the water by using a bucket). By gently squeezing the bottle, this is what the flow should look like:



not good!

water water everywhere!

Step 4

If you need to, repeat this process on another lid, until you get the perfect flow.

Step 5

Start using it! smile :) – it's not about the shower, it's about saving water!

Thank you for playing your part in this.