the #CapeTownShower FAQ

"It's not about the shower, it's about saving water"

Frequently Asked Questions

My school wants to run with this initiative.. How can we go about it?

If your school is in Cape Town and would like to pioneer this in your community, we may be able to supply you with bottle-tops, equipment and instructions, free of charge. Take a look at our schools page for further info. Please ask your school representative to get in touch at

My NPO or community group wants to run with this initiative... How can we go about it?

If you would like to find out how you can fit in with what the Cape Town Shower team is doing, we'd be happy to coordinate.
If you want to run with this independently from the Cape Town Shower team, go for it! Our intention is for rapid, widespread adoption of this solution across Cape Town, and we will help you where we can.
In either case, please get in touch at

Is government being engaged in this?

The City of Cape Town is currently being engaged in this and is showing definite interest.

Are there health concerns with this solution?

Not that we are aware of. We still want to do some basic research in this area. For now we're advising to use cold- or body-temperature water only, not hotter than this. We plan to update this site with any new knowledge gained.